Our Story

Proudly South African

SAINT&SUMMER was created much in the same way it’s now run – captivated by our local surroundings and based on a friendship foundation 20 years deep. It was in 2013 during the humid heat that is Durban in December, we began piecing together the vision for our business.

Officially launching in 2014, SAINT&SUMMER has evolved into a local company that brings together what is most loved about South Africa with a modern twist. Founded on compassion and ethics we have combined our differing skill sets and focused them to realise our shared vision – To bring you perfectly styled, uniquely designed, quality footwear.

– Julia and Roxy –

Vision And Mission

We started SAINT&SUMMER in the hope of bringing you footwear that tells of the lifestyle we lead here in South Africa. Each of our matte jelly shoes are designed to compliment your individual distinctive style. They are all locally designed and inspired by urban styles we see around us; encouraging us to focus on some of the best scenery Durban has to offer! Guided by a strong set of values, SAINT&SUMMER set out to build a “different” kind of modern company, one founded on compassion and ethics, aiming to influence society in both fashion and social responsibility.

SAINT&SUMMER’s mission is to consistently provide a total customer experience through our people, products and company values.

SAINT&SUMMER’s vision is to give fashionable women a unique way to express their individuality through style. We envision our brand to represent a lifestyle.